09:30 – 10:00  Welcome message, virtual coffee & tests

10:00 – 11:00   Keynote 1:   Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Title: Architectures and Algorithms for Software-defined Edge Systems

Abstract: Recent years have seen a striking transformation of the wireless networks landscape. New types of users such as autonomous vehicles and tiny IoT devices are foreseen to create an unprecedented volume of data traffic, while novel bandwidth-hungry and latency-sensitive applications are deployed, literally, every day. In order to address these challenges, the emerging 5G+ systems include several innovations, two of the most promising being: (i) the employment of SDN/NFV technologies to create fully-programmable wireless systems; and (ii) the deployment of services closer to demand by harnessing resources at the network edge. In this talk we will discuss key bottleneck issues arising in this new era, and will present our first theoretical and experimental results for problems related to: (i) virtualization and edge computing in cellular networks, and (ii) mobile IoT analytics in the wild. 

11:00 – 12:15  Session 1

, Imane Oussakel, Philippe Owezarski, Pascal Berthou (LAAS)

, Hatem Kheder, Sahar Hoteit, Patrick Brown, Véronique Vèque (L2S); Ruby Krishnaswamy, William
Diego (Orange); Makhlouf Hadji (SystemX). Slides

Makhlouf Hadji, Niezi Mharsi (SystemX)

12:15 – 12:30  Invited talk & demo: Toward a Smart and Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) platform, by (Orange). Slides

The O-RAN Alliance introduces a disaggregated Radio Access Network architecture to drive flexibility, speed and innovation into 5G RAN deployments. To facilitate open implementations of this architecture the O-RAN Alliance and the Linux Foundation have launched the O-RAN Software community focused on aligning a software reference implementation with the O-RAN Alliance’s open architecture and specifications. The aim is to achieve a solution that can be utilized to unify and accelerate the evolution and deployment in the RAN. This talk briefly introduces the O-RAN Alliance, its architecture and key outcomes, as well as showcases its first open source implementation. 

12:30 – 13:30  Lunch Banquet Break

13:30 – 14:15 Technical demonstrations (recorded videos) 

– Last ORAN release showcase.
 (Orange). Video

José J. Alves Esteves, Amina Boubendir, Fabrice Guillemin (Orange), Pierre Sens (Sorbonne Université). Video

Nazih Salhab, Rana Rahim, Rami Langar (Univ. Gustave Eiffel). Video.

14:15 – 15:00   Keynote 2: , i2cat, Spain

Title: Splitting the RAN: Functional decomposition in 5G networks       

Abstract: 5G networks are expected to support various applications with diverse requirements in terms of latency, data rates, and traffic volume. Cloud–RAN and densely deployed small cells are two of the tools at disposal of Mobile Network Operators to cope with such challenges. In order to mitigate the fronthaul requirements imposed by the Cloud–RAN architecture, several functional splits, each characterized by a different demarcation point between the centralized and the distributed units, have emerged. However, the selection of the appropriate centralization level (i.e., the functional split) still remains a challenging task, since a number of parameters have to be considered in order to make such a decision. In this keynote, I will discuss the trade-offs associated with functional split selection in small cell networks. Moreover, I will also sketch the current standardization and opensource activities in the field of disaggregated RAN.


15:00 – 15:50 Session 2

, Nicolas Huin, Jérémie Leguay, Sébastien Martin (Huawei Technologies)

, Adrien Wion, Mathieu Bouet, Vania Conan (Thales), Luigi Iannone (IMT)

15:50 – 16:10  Coffee break

16:10 – 17:00  Lightening talks

Quang-Trung Luu (UPSud, Nokia Bell Labs), Sylvaine Kerboeuf (Nokia Bell Labs), Alexandre Mouradian (UPSud), and Michel Kieffer (UPSud)

, Wesley Coelho (Orange/Cnam), Amal Benhamiche, Nancy Perrot (Orange), Stefano Secci (Cnam)

Youssouf Drif, Olivier Gremillet (IRT Saint-Exupery/IRIT); Emmanuel Chaput, Emmanuel Lavinal (IRIT); Pascal Berthou (LAAS); Boris Tiomela Jou (Airbus Defence and Space);  Fabrice Arnal (Thales Alenia Space)

AIDY-F2N: Artificial Intelligence and Dynamic Modeling tools for Future Flexible Networks, Hind Castel, Badii Jouaber, Maxime El Kael (Télécom SudParis); Massinissa Ait Aba (Davidson) 

17:00 – 18:00 Session 3

, Melek Charfi, Alexandre Mouradian, Lynda Zitoune, Véronique Vèque (L2S)

Andrea Araldo (IMT), Alessandro Di Stefano, Antonella Di Stefano (Univ. di Catania)

, Cao-Thanh Phan (IRT b<>com), Philippe Bertin (Orange)

18:00 – Workshop end and virtual cocktail